CalTech’s Bigger Purpose

July 19, 2017

CalTech has always had a heart for giving back to its local community. So, in the fall of 2015, the leadership team at CalTech decided to create its Bigger Purpose initiative. This initiative was created to provide a measurable and impactful way for us to better our local communities.

Our goal

Donate $1 Million by the end of 2020 via time, money, and resources.

Our Mission

Empower CalTech’s stakeholders to fundamentally strengthen the communities we serve.

Our Vision
Foster a culture of giving
Positively transform the lives of children and families
Strive to create lasting and impactful relationships

If your organization is interested in seeing if it qualifies for our Bigger Purpose initiative, please email with your request. Please provide an explanation as to why you believe your organization aligns with our mission and vision.

Guidelines for requests:
501(c)(3) organization - must have an employee directly involved
Must be an organization aimed towards strengthening area communities
Aligns with our mission and vision

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