Managed Service+

CalTech’s Managed Service+ is a simple yet comprehensive all-in-one solution for your financial institution’s IT monitoring and support needs. Managed Service+ takes the hassle, worry, and unpredictability out of maintaining and securing your valuable and necessary IT infrastructure.

The IT experts at CalTech take the partnership approach to IT support and management. Managed Service+ is our method for proactively ensuring your IT infrastructure is safe, secure, and protected. Even better, we've developed Managed Service+ to mitigate the need for unpredictable IT spending as a result of unmonitored, under-monitored, or unplanned IT infrastructure. It includes features like automatic monitoring, regular reporting, and ensuring that security and backup protocols are in place.

Best of all, Managed Service+ can help you realize long-term value for the money spent on IT support. We regularly see customers on our Managed Service+ program experience fewer problems and unforeseen challenges over the long-term. This ultimately translates to lower IT costs, better network stability, less time dealing with IT issues, and more predictability around IT spending.

  • 24x7 performance monitoring
  • Your business continuity
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Instilling security policies
  • Regular network health reporting
  • Annual technology planning & strategy
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