Practice Makes Perfect, Even In A Job Interview

Practice Makes Perfect, Even In A Job Interview

Dec 2, 2020

Going into a job interview is nerve wracking for most people. Even if you’re not broke and desperate for some income, you can still be nervous because you’re putting your skills and experience out there for somebody else to judge. In fact, job interviews are one of the most stressful experiences you can go through, no matter how calm and confident you are in your daily life. The main way to beat interview anxiety is by thoroughly preparing in advance. Not sure where to start? Here’s some tips for preparing for that next job interview.

Know who you’re interviewing with in the first place.

When you first put in your job application, you should’ve been looking into the industry and company, but it’s important to research the company after you get called in to interview too. You have to show the interviewer that you’re interested in their company specifically, so you need to know about them. Having some information about the interviewer themselves can also be useful.

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Know your resume inside and out.

The death of any interview is answering a question with a nervous “Um,” especially if it’s about your own experience or skills. The one subject you should be an expert on is yourself, so go over your resume with a fine-toothed comb. Don’t be afraid to take notes directly on your resume as well, so that you can quickly reference them. For example, if you had a formative experience at a certain job, make a note for yourself on that part of your resume to remember that story.

Get your outfit and grooming on point.

Since this is your first impression, you should definitely prepare your physical appearance ahead of time. Make sure you’re well-groomed, down to clean fingernails, then focus on your clothes. Try everything on to make sure it fits, spend some time in front of the mirror to check the overall look, pick out understated but attractive accessories, and make sure everything is clean and pressed. This will lower your stress immediately.

Make up a job interview packet to bring with you.

It’s really helpful to have all your information in one place so you can answer questions efficiently. Your packet should have a personal copy of your resume with notes, some notes on the company values and operation, your prepared questions for the interviewer, and a notepad for jotting things down on the fly. This can be a clean plastic or paper folder, but a business folio with a legal pad looks really professional.

Maybe all of this sounds like too much work or stuff that will make you more anxious about a job interview, but it always pays to be prepared. Far from contributing to your nervousness, pre-gaming your job interview lets you relax because you have everything ready and can focus on making a great first impression. Sign Up For Job Alerts