Scam of the Month: Ongoing COVID-19 Scams

Scam of the Month: Ongoing COVID-19 Scams

Feb 23, 2021

The worldwide introduction of a vaccine for COVID-19 is being used by bad guys to trick people into clicking on links, opening malicious attachments, or giving out confidential information. Be careful with anything related to the Coronavirus: emails, attachments, any social media, texts on your phone, phone calls, anything. Look out for topics like:

  • Schedule your vaccination
  • Check the updated COVID-19 map in your city
  • COVID-19 Infection warning from your local school district or city government
  • CDC or World Health Organization emails or social media COVID-19 messaging
  • Keeping your children safe from COVID-19
  • You might even get a scam phone call or text to raise funds for victims and their families

There will continue to be several scams related to this pandemic, so please remember to Think Before You Click!

Stop, Look, and Think.

Don't be fooled.