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Break Down IT Bottlenecks With an Experienced IT Consulting Company

Evaluate your entire IT environment, develop long-term plans, and implement them with our IT consulting services.

Why choose CalTech for IT consulting in Frisco?

  • Leverage the expertise of IT consultants who assist banks, healthcare providers, and businesses to find efficiencies and optimal solutions.
  • Improve your security posture with IT consultants who are working with Texas state and banking authorities to raise cybersecurity standards.
  • Reduce the risk of non-compliance with a team experienced in maintaining regulatory standards such as FDIC and HIPAA.
  • Gain business intelligence and navigate a rapidly evolving technology landscape with experienced Frisco IT consultants.
  • Identify critical vulnerabilities and gaps and learn how you can address them when you book a free consultation.

An IT Consulting Company That Helps Frisco Businesses Sync IT With Growth Goals

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Here’s why CalTech is One of the Top IT Consulting Companies in Frisco

Project Management

Make sure new technologies are properly implemented with our IT solutions consulting. We’ll ensure your projects are completed on time, on budget, and hit performance metrics.

IT Strategy Consulting

Create long-term plans for your technology with our IT strategy consulting team. We'll help right-size your IT while eliminating redundancies and streamlining business processes.

Network Consulting

Development of a high-bandwidth, scalable, performant network that can support cloud solutions, remote operations, and the ambitions of a growing business.

Cloud Consulting

Migrate to the right cloud solutions under professional guidance. We'll help you vet providers, migrate systems and data, administer access, and ensure compliance.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Identify vulnerabilities and deploy the right solutions with a comprehensive audit of your security framework. Leverage the expertise of one of the top Frisco IT consulting firms to deploy the right solutions for your cybersecurity.

Business Continuity

Ensure business continuity with an IT consultancy in Frisco that understands your business objectives. We’ll deploy state-of-the-art disaster recovery organization-wide to secure your data and systems.

IT Procurement

Leverage three decades of expertise and know-how to produce the ideal hardware and software for your business. Get the most competitive rates and favorable terms with our IT consulting company.

IT Architecture Design

Resolve recurring issues, eliminate technical debt, and implement large-scale projects with our IT consulting firm that aligns. Unlike other consultancy companies, we ensure your technology delivers ROI.


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Unsurpassed Among IT Consultants in Frisco

You don’t end up being one of the top IT consulting firms in Frisco without listening, anticipating, and responding to your customer’s needs.

Since 1988, CalTech has been unequaled among IT consultancy firms serving financial services institutions, healthcare providers, accounting firms, and businesses like yours. We’re a technology management consulting firm that takes the time to understand your day-to-day and future needs, to present solutions that let you operate the way you want to.
30+ Years
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Discover Options You Didn’t Even Know You Had

Find solutions uniquely suited for your business with an experienced IT consulting firm in Frisco

IT Consulting Frisco

End-to-End Support From One of the Top IT Consultancy Companies in Frisco

Unlike other IT consulting firms, we cut through the sales pitch and identify solutions that will actually deliver the utility and ROI you expect.

Our wide range of services include developing a roadmap for your business that ensures your IT is always able to meet your organization’s evolving needs.

Work with one of the top IT consulting firms in Frisco to:

  • Audit information technology systems
  • Solve problems in your IT
  • Identify technology bottlenecks and vulnerabilities
  • Get executive buy-in for projects with IT management consulting
  • Plan software development
  • And more

Improve Your Security Posture With IT Consulting in Frisco

Our firm specializes in protecting your data from hackers and data theft. Work with one of the most experienced Frisco IT consulting companies to protect your business from ransomware, malware, and hacks.

And when it comes to regulatory compliance, not all service companies are ahead of the curve like CalTech is. Our specialists will ensure you meet compliance standards and sail through HIPAA and FDIC audits.

We’re one of the only IT consulting companies in Frisco that’s actively working with state and banking authorities to raise cybersecurity standards.

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IT Consulting Services in Frisco

Top-Tier IT Solutions Consulting at Outstanding Value

Getting a first-rate IT environment doesn’t mean having to make painful budget cuts elsewhere.

We’ll not only optimize your technology by replacing legacy systems, we’ll also leverage our many vendor relationships to deliver power without the price.

Unlike other IT consulting firms in Frisco, we offer fixed prices and transparent packages, so you’ll always understand where your expenditures are going.

Engaging with our IT consultants in Frisco means getting a tailor-made services package designed to meet your business’s unique requirements.

IT Strategy Consulting That Works for You

If you’re looking for maximum ROI, CalTech can deliver.

We’ve been providing industry-leading IT consulting in Frisco for 30+ years, and we’re constantly finding new and better ways to refine the art and science of IT management consulting.

Find out why so many businesses trust our IT consulting services.

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