Why Your Business Needs Email Encryption

May 29, 2018

Email is a form of communication that needs to be protected just like any other, lest you expose important information to any would-be thieves while messages are in transit. Encryption is one of the key ways you can make sure that your messages are safe. However, email providers haven’t always secured messages in this way. In fact, it wasn’t until relatively recently that encryption became a staple of the major email providers.

Why Encryption Matters
It’s important to keep in mind that email communications are not always private. Depending on whether or not your email provider offers encryption, you could potentially be exposing important information when sending messages. You need encryption to avoid inadvertently handing this information to outside viewers; especially those with bad intentions. By not encrypting your messages you are doing your company a disservice and potentially violating data privacy regulations (depending on your industry).

Either way, the point is that encryption is necessary if you want to avoid personally experiencing the ugly side of the Internet. This includes hackers of all kinds who would stop at nothing to get past your business’ protections and steal information of value. It’s up to you to put measures in place to stop them in their tracks; before they get your data.

How Email Encryption Works
Imagine for a moment that your emails are locked in a box. This box is locked as it leaves your organization and it will remain that way until it is received by someone who has the key. In this case, the recipient is the only one that has the key and the box is unlocked when they receive it. In the event that the box is intercepted before it reaches its destination, whoever claims it will not be able to unlock the box to view its contents. This is essentially how encryption works.

The important thing to remember about encryption is that it needs to be an infrastructure-wide implementation. If you encrypt only messages that contain sensitive information you are making those encrypted messages an even bigger target in the eyes of hackers. Therefore, you need to make sure that your encryption solution is all-encompassing to limit the risk associated with email communication.

Does your business need email encryption? CalTech can help by implementing an enterprise-level email encryption solution, powered by Zix, that considers all your business needs. To learn more about our email encryption solution or our CyberDefense Program, backed by SecureWorks, please reach out to us at info@caltech.com.

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