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If you're looking for more effective IT solutions in Dallas, CalTech is the company for you.

Do you wish your computer systems ran more smoothly? That you didn’t have as many IT problems or as much downtime? That your hardware and software made your job easier instead of harder?

As a premium Dallas IT company, CalTech is here to solve these problems and more. We can work together with your internal IT staff to provide extra support or manage your entire IT department as needed.

The bottom line is, we take care of your specific IT needs so that you don’t have to worry about anything other than running your business successfully.

Expert Dallas IT Company

Modern business has become completely reliant on digital technology. This isn’t a bad thing; technology allows businesses to run much more efficiently, and on a massive scale. But a dependence on technology is bad news when your technology isn’t reliable or doesn’t fully meet the needs of your business.

You need an IT expert on your side to ensure you have solutions in place that will propel your business forward. We serve Dallas businesses across all industries by helping them leverage their IT for their companies’ benefit through careful strategizing and continued upkeep and protection.

Dallas IT Services We Offer

Our aim is to help your company excel by ensuring all of your IT needs and goals are met. While not an exhaustive list, here are a few specific examples of the services CalTech can provide:

Managed Service+

Our Managed IT Services provide a comprehensive system that meets all your IT needs. This includes 24/7 performance monitoring, business continuity planning, preventative maintenance, security policy integration, regular network health reporting, and annual technology strategizing.

Data Security Solutions

EverSpace is a program that protects your IT infrastructure and the valued data that keeps your business running. With our Everspace IT security options, you can implement institution-wide security and, when necessary, disaster recovery.

Personalized Business Tech Strategizing

Our CIO+ services provide you with personalized, strategic planning to help you set up a 5-year plan, manage your IT spending, and boost your business with worthwhile IT investments.


Our expert cybersecurity services equip you with a comprehensive plan that will significantly reduce your risk of data loss, implement real-time threat notifications, keep employees trained and up to date on secure practices, and provide you with detailed security reports that notify you of potential vulnerabilities.

Why We Are One of the Top IT Companies in Dallas TX

You may be aware of why you need IT services, but what are the benefits of choosing CalTech as your IT partner? Here are some of the ways we can help you:

  • Improve cost-effectiveness: Our team that can help you plan your IT spending and find the most cost-effective resources. Plus, with our Managed IT Services, you can rely on fixed, affordable IT costs instead of paying exorbitant amounts when something goes wrong.
  • Improve productivity: We can provide you with IT tools that improve your operations instead of creating frustration, leading to smoother processes and greater productivity for your organization.
  • Protect against disasters: We help protect your IT assets against both natural and man-made catastrophes such as blackouts, fires, flooding, tornadoes, and more with business IT continuity plans and reliable backups.
  • Work with industry experts: Our team understands not only the IT solutions that help businesses succeed, but also the industries that drive Dallas and their needs.
  • Create a long-lasting partnership: CalTech cares about creating a lasting business relationship with your company. We aim for long-term success and individualized solutions that work for you specifically.

To start increasing your technology’s effectiveness and boosting your business’s success, give our IT Company Dallas a call at (325) 223-6100 or get in touch with our team to partner with CalTech today.