IT Operations Assessment:

Evaluate the State of Your IT Infrastructure

Potential For Growth

Gain Insights

Get Actionable Input

Strategic Evaluation of Your IT as a Business Component

CalTech’s IT Operations Assessment (ITOA) is a comprehensive, objective, and fully actionable evaluation of the status, health, and future capacity of your IT infrastructure.


ITOA gives you the power and confidence to make critical decisions, to plan ahead, and to act on those plans.

Each IT Assessment includes documentation—detailed written findings and recommendations for hardware configuration, bandwidth usage, available technologies and IT staffing. A full presentation is also provided to your executive management team.

Meet Reave Scott

While we were hesitant to turn over a function of the bank as critical as IT, I can say that it has proven to be a good decision.

CalTech's IT Operations Assessment Includes:

Meetings to confirm organization business model, business strategy and future growth plans.

Comprehensive analysis of current network design, capacity hardware age and present efficiency.

Review of cybersecurity standing, current IT support systems, processes, and impact on organization’s productivity (includes staff and management interviews).