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Is Your IT Infrastructure Geared to Support Business Growth?

Evaluate your IT stack, create long-term roadmaps, and deploy the right technologies with an expert IT consultancy in Kansas City.

Why choose CalTech for IT consulting services in Kansas City?

  • Leverage the expertise of IT consultants who assist banks, healthcare providers, and businesses find right-sized solutions.
  • Right-size your IT setup to discover hidden cost savings while enhancing capabilities with expert IT consultants in Kansas City.
  • Reduce the risk of fines and audit findings withKansas City IT consultants experienced in meeting compliance standards such as FDIC and HIPAA.
  • Gain market intelligence and navigate the fast-changing landscape of IT with our Tier 1 technicians through our Mentor (CIOs) level support at our IT management consulting.
  • Identify vulnerabilities and gaps and learn how you can fix them when you get your free consultation.

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Why Businesses Rely On Our Kansas City IT Consulting Company

Why CalTech Is One of the Leading IT Consulting Firms in Kansas City

Project Management

We'll ensure your project is completed on time, within budget, and meets performance metrics. Eliminate the worries of new implementing new technologies with our IT solutions consulting.

IT Strategy Consulting

Create long-term roadmaps with an IT strategy consulting team. We'll help you reduce technical debt, right-size your IT, maximize security while reducing costs.

Network Consulting

Make sure you have the bandwidth you need to support cloud solutions, remote operations, and your customers. Develop a scalable network with our IT consulting firm.

Cloud Consulting

Identify and migrate to the right cloud solutions under the guidance of experts. We'll help you vet providers, minimize compatibility issues, and ensure compliance.

Cybersecurity Consulting

Audit your security framework, identify vulnerabilities, and deploy the right solutions. Leverage the expertise of one of the top Kansas City IT consulting firms that’s helping state authorities and banking associations raise the bar for cybersecurity.

Business Continuity

Ensure business continuity with an IT consultancy that will help you identify critical applications and data. Deploy state-of-the-art disaster recovery organization-wide.

IT Procurement

Take advantage of our vendor relationships to identify cost-effective solutions for your business. Our IT consulting company can get you the best prices and T&Cs you won't find elsewhere.

IT Architecture Design

Adapt, adopt, and align IT solutions with the needs of your organization. Resolve technical issues or implement large-scale projects with our IT consulting firm.

Why Businesses Rely On Our Kansas City IT Consulting Company

IT Consulting Services in Kansas City, MO

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IT Consulting in Kansas City With 30+ Years of Experience

Since 1988, CalTech has been one of the go-to IT consulting companies in Kansas City for banks, healthcare institutions, and businesses like yours. We take the time to understand your needs and recommend solutions that let you operate the way you want to.
30+ Years
As a top Kansas City IT consulting company
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Reduce Costs and Improve Your Technology With Expert IT Consultants

Identify and implement right-sized IT solutions with our IT consulting company.

IT consulting services in Kansas City

IT Consulting That Syncs Your IT With Business Goals

Cut through the sales pitch and technical jargon to identify solutions that actually fit your business with our IT consultants.

Choose one of the top IT consulting firms in the city to:

  • Audit IT systems
  • Solve problems in your IT
  • Identify bottlenecks and vulnerabilities in your business
  • Get executive buy-in for projects
  • And more

Identify and implement cutting-edge technologies at prices you won’t find at other IT consulting companies in Kansas City.

Protect Your Business From Cyberattacks With our Kansas City IT Consulting

Work with one of the most experienced Kansas City IT consulting companies to protect your business from ransomware, malware, and hacks.

Reduce the stress of meeting compliance standards, and sail through HIPAA and FDIC audits.

We’re the only Kansas City IT consulting company that’s actively working with state and banking authorities to raise cybersecurity standards.

Kansas City IT Consulting Services
IT consultancy in Kansas City

IT Solutions Consulting That Helps You Reduce Technical Debt

Is the expense and effort of supporting buggy systems outweighing their benefits? Are you force-fitting your workflows to complex IT systems?

We’ll help you phase out legacy, outdated, and convoluted technologies.

Vet providers confidently, migrate to the cloud and implement complete technologies that support your business.

Maximize the value of your IT spend with CalTech’s Kansas City managed IT services and consulting.

Transform your IT into an agile, scalable, secure infrastructure with our IT consulting services.

Find out why large and small businesses trust us for expert IT advice.

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