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CalTech is a local business offering high-quality tech solutions and IT support. Find out why we’re the best fit for you!

The Best IT Company for Austin Businesses

Digital fluency is essential for modern businesses. Secure, reliable IT services are invaluable for leveraging the latest technology for your business and keeping an edge over the competition.

If you look close to home, you’ll see that some of the biggest industries in Austin, Texas, include manufacturing, clean technology, finance, and digital media technology. While competent IT services are crucial for any business, these industries often rely on advanced technologies for daily operations. And downtime and data breaches can cause enormous losses for any business. That’s why we offer comprehensive support and protection for our local clients.

Managed IT services can benefit an Austin business’s performance and progress when it comes to internal operations, cybersecurity, and even customer relations by releasing you from the responsibility of your IT so you can focus on your business’s growth. And CalTech is always customer-focused, so we’re willing to do whatever possible to see you succeed.

Giving Austin Businesses Quality IT Care

Partnering with CalTech benefits you by taking IT care off your to-do list so that you can instead focus on growing your business. We help you increase productivity and uptime through efficient IT systems, protect against disasters and data loss, strategize for future success, and more!

Our Services

Managed IT Services

CalTech’s Managed Service+ is a comprehensive yet straightforward all-in-one solution for your organization’s IT monitoring and support needs. We take the hassle and guesswork out of maintaining your IT infrastructure by giving you performance monitoring and network health reporting, as well as strategizing together to plan for your business IT’s continued growth and functionality.

IT Operations assessment

An IT assessment is invaluable as an objective analysis of your systems’ performance. CalTech’s IT Assessment empowers you to make confident IT decisions, knowing exactly where your systems need improvement. Each IT Assessment includes detailed written findings and recommendations for hardware configuration, bandwidth usage, available technologies, and IT staffing for your analysis.


CalTech’s CyberDefense service gives your organization comprehensive IT protection. With solutions such as real-time threat identification, phishing simulations, and regular, detailed security reports, we help protect your company from data breaches and loss.


EverSpace is a comprehensive virtual IT infrastructure solution that offers institution-wide IT security at a predictable, fixed price. EverSpace works to give you uptime and support, while EverSpace Recover can also help implement disaster recovery methods and decrease recovery time in the case of a catastrophe.


With CIO+, you can receive the knowledge and experience of a chief information officer on demand to aid in your business strategy planning, network design, budgeting, and more. This service helps you create long-term plans for business growth and make informed IT decisions.

We care about building lasting relationships with your company for long-term success. When you win, we win. Aîso you can count on us to always act with your best interests in mind.

And get your Austin business started with hassle-free IT!